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Why a Public Adjuster?

Consider hiring Azara Global to ensure your claim gets a thorough and expert evaluation. We work independently to advocate for your interests, navigating complex negotiations with insurance companies. This can lead to a fairer and potentially higher settlement while relieving you from the hassles of handling the claim process on your own.

Benefits of a Public Adjuster 

1. Helps You Understand Your Policy

2. Saves You Time

3. Resolves Your Claim Faster

4. Protect Your Rights as a Policyholder

5. Ensures Fair Value for Your Claim


Water loss is the most common claims a homeowner will encounter. It can take many forms from a leaking or burst pipe to a leaking appliance. 


A fire loss claim is very unfortunate, it might be very stressful and when something like that happens safety is important as well as helping in the claims process.


Common windstorm claims involve roofs blowing off, trees falling on your property, fences blown down, and leaky windows. This type of damage can also bring hidden damages that aren’t realized upon the initial assessment of your property.


Most property owners forget that a roof is exposed to quite anything, so when mother nature send some hail your roof is the first to get affected but the roof is just one of the exterior components to get damaged, there is much more.


Multi-family / Association 

Claims Process

Understanding how the claims process works may be challenging, but we are here to help!

To get an idea on how our claims process is, take a moment to go on a claims tour.

Featured Expertise

Business Interruption  

Business interruption is when business suffers after a loss. The income loss covered may be due to the immediate closing of the business facility or due to the restoration process after a loss occurs.

Satisfied Customers

"Azara Global is absolutely amazing!!! Their level of knowledge is astounding. As soon as we hired them, it was barely 2 weeks and all was finished and agreed upon with insurance; and getting all we asked for. Highly recommend them! If you need a public adjuster they are it."


"They had the knowledge I needed to help me with my insurance claim. Their team is smart, efficient, and personable. Always looking out for my best interests."


"I was having trouble with my insurance company denying my claim while the neighbors all around me had and we're getting new roofs. Azara got involved and it wasn't long after that my insurance company agreed to pay the claim. Much appreciation to Azara and their expertise! Thank you"


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