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Azara Global, Public Adjuster, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Claims, Insurance

Leaders in quality claim assessment 

When it comes to assessing your loss, it takes more than just a close eye look, often times claims are under assessed and the extent of the loss is not fully understood, let's talk about how we go above and beyond on that.


Azara Global, Public Adjuster, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Claims, Insurance

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- Property damage assessment


The first step to opening a claim is to do a full property inspection to determine the extent of the damage, and how much damage there is. PDR ( Property damage assessment )  is a very crucial and important step and at times we seek further investigations like hiring an engineer to really get better understanding of the loss. 

- Policy review for coverage


Once the damage has been determined it is the next step to do a full and complete coverage review, this gives our firm a foundation to base coverage on. Without coverage there is no claim. We review your policy to make sure coverage is provided by your policy so that we may confidently proceed in opening a claim. 

- Report a claim to Insurance 


The third step is reporting your claim to your insurance company, now this is done by our firm to make sure the details on the loss are provided in a proper manner. We will outline the damage and explain the cause of the loss as well as a date of loss.  

- Adjustment & Approval 


After the claim is opened, an insurance adjuster will be assigned to review and handle your claim. A time will be set to go to your property and asses the damage, we are present at the time of this inspection. After their assessment they will issue a repair estimate outlining there proposed amount to repair the dwelling back to pre-loss.

- Negotiation / Appraisal  


Negotiation is a very important to make sure that the amount proposed by your insurance company is enough to cover the extent of the damage. In most cases we have found that it is not enough, which is why we may even seek an engineer or a general contractor to provide a repair estimate. Once we have determined the amount necessary to return your property back to pre-loss we send your insurance company an estimate as well as a request for the additional amount to be approved. 

- Settlement

Settlement is our favorite step because it gives us the ability to close your claim and for you to hire a contractor of your choice to go ahead with repairs and make your property look as stunning as it did before! We have a network of contractors we can refer your way if needed.  

Azara Global, Public Adjuster, Minneapolis

Thermography Report

Infrared (IR) thermography is used in many fields such as environment, military, industry, etc. IR thermography has the ability to detect problems before they occur, especially in the field of flat roofing. Using (IR) can help us detect moisture in your roofing system, which then we can trace back. Hail damage can puncture your roofing membrane, causing water to intrude. Therefore, using the basic principle of IR thermography, we can detect leakage in thermal images which will help us in your claims process.

HVAC Assessment

HVAC is a crucial component of a commercial building, the HVAC systems are there to help maintain good indoor air quality through adequate ventilation and filtration to provide thermal comfort. It is a vital component of a building system and thats why at Azara Global, we pay very close attention to them. Hail damage to these units have detrimental results, and can cause some serious issues with how these units function. We have partnered with Comfort Solutions to offer quality evaluation to those who have suffered damage to their units. Through this we can understand the extent of that damage and pursue next step towards an insurance claim after a policy review. 

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